Privacy and Security

Find details about our approach to privacy & security at, the AI app for businesspeople.


At, we understand the importance of safeguarding your data in an ever-evolving digital landscape. Our Security Page serves as a transparent guide, detailing the robust security practices we have implemented to ensure your peace of mind.

End-to-End Encryption

All data transmissions between our apps and servers are secured with SSL/TLS encryption. Your data is encrypted in transit, preventing unauthorized access.

Data security

Google-secured access controls, permission policies, and audit logging ensure that access to sensitive data is tightly restricted. Scripted data access further isolates systems for an added layer of security.

Minimized Data Collection

We only collect the minimal user data required to deliver our service. Any unnecessary data is not retained.

Compliance with Privacy Frameworks

For EU users, we comply with GDPR data protection regulations when handling personal data. Data is managed appropriately throughout its lifecycle.

Early Issue Detection and Robust Security

Usage analytics help us identify issues early on. WordPress and WPEngine secure our blog with auto-updates, malware scanning, and web application firewalls.

Enhancing Security in Our Cloud Infrastructure

Firebase and Google Cloud give us robust cloud infrastructure security including DDoS protection, firewalls, and intrusion detection systems to protect data. We minimize direct backend connections through client-side libraries like react-query for improved security. Package managers like Yarn provide checksums and auditing to validate code integrity.

Dependency Vigilance

Our vigilant approach to dependencies means that we regularly update and patch, minimizing vulnerabilities in our technology stack.

Client-Side and Server-Side Assurance prioritizes both client-side and server-side security, implementing measures to prevent common web vulnerabilities.

Privacy Policy Transparency

Our privacy policy is transparent, outlining how we collect and use your data. You have the right to know, and we make sure you do.